Area Plan

Ibiza Town, a residential project at Surajkund brings to you world class luxury apartments. The apartments are spacious and well equipped with modern amenities. The architecture of the entire housing society has been conceptualized to provide you the most comfort. Each and every luxury apartment has been carefully planned with lavish bedrooms and balconies offering panoramic views.

Under 3BHK Deluxe:

The design and layout of 3BHK deluxe apartments of Ibiza Town are synonymous with luxurious living. Every inch of these spacious apartments is designed to give you the best of modern amenities. Every apartment is well furnished and moulded according to your needs. The master bedroom has a laminated flooring while the other bedrooms have imported marble flooring, giving the apartment a lavish look. Ibiza Town welcomes you to come experience the art of luxury living.

3 BHK Deluxe (Tower D, E, F, G)
Floor Numbers Type Super Area of Flat Carpet Area of Flat Carpet Area
incl Balcony
1 Apartment 2390 1346.6 1501.9
2 Apartment 2390 1346.6 1689.6
3 Apartment 2390 1346.6 1627.3
4 Apartment 2390 1346.6 1539.7
5 Apartment 2390 1346.6 1589.9
9 Apartment 2390 1346.6 1581.7
10 Apartment 2390 1346.6 1579.8
15 Apartment 2390 1346.6 1589.9
18 Apartment 2390 1346.6 1570.6
19 Apartment 2390 1346.6 1572
6-8, 11-14, 16-17 Apartment 2390 1346.6 1550.6

4BHK Deluxe Apartments:

Celebrate life in the world of recreation and relaxation. The 4BHK deluxe apartments of Ibiza Town are intricately designed offering you a comfortable lifestyle. This project is the embodiment of craftsmanship where every apartment is designed in such a way so as to give you an environment where you can relax and unwind. Every apartment is spacious with modern specifications, proper ventilation, lavish bedrooms and balconies with scenic views. The balcony of every apartment is furnished with vitrified tiles offering water and frost resistance. Ibiza Town residential project is a blissful setting for those who are seeking to escape the noise from the bustling city.

4 BHK Deluxe (Tower B, C)
Floor Numbers Type Super Area of Flat Carpet Area of Flat Carpet Area
incl Balcony
1 Apartment 3500 1986.7 2404.7
2 Apartment 3500 1986.7 2692.8
3 Apartment 3500 1986.7 2546.9
4 Apartment 3500 1986.7 2437.7
9 Apartment 3500 1986.7 2444.4
10 Apartment 3500 1986.7 2453.9
14 Apartment 3500 1986.7 2402.1
5, 15 Apartment 3500 1986.7 2414.7
6-8, 11-13, 16-17 Apartment 3500 1986.7 2398

4 BHK Deluxe Penthouse:

The 4BHK deluxe penthouse at Ibiza Town is the epitome of space management. The extraordinary feature of living in a penthouse is having unlimited access to uninterrupted views. This is where architectural excellence meets nature’s exuberance and where the construction of every apartment finds a balance between sustainable development and aesthetics. The bedrooms are accented with lavish and imported textiles. The master bedroom’s dressing room is fitted with a modern wardrobe which has spacious built-in compartments. This real estate project is strategically located at Surajkund-Badkhal Road providing easy access to various facilities like hospitals, school, entertainment and so much more.

4 BHK Deluxe Penthouse (Tower B, C)
Floor Numbers Type Super Area of Flat Carpet Area of Flat Carpet Area
incl Balcony
18 Penthouse 5900 3634.1 4167.7
19 Penthouse 0 226.80
Both Floors 5900 3634.1 4394.5

4 BHK Premium:

Ibiza Town located at Surajkund is redefining modern and luxury living with its premium apartments. The 4BHK premium apartments are a unique blend of technological innovation and sustainable development. The exclusive premium apartments of Ibiza Town are well equipped with world class features that will suit all your requirements. The spacious apartments give you privacy and access to a stress free life in the comfort of your home with all the modern amenities. The walls and ceilings of the apartments are painted with acrylic emulsion giving the apartments an elegant and stylish look. The elegant wooden flooring gives the apartments a sophisticated yet contemporary touch. Ibiza Town is the most appreciated and distinguished residential project in Faridabad.

4 BHK Premium (Tower A)
Floor Numbers Type Super Area of Flat Carpet Area of Flat Carpet Area
incl Balcony
1 Apartment 4000 2505.2 2847.9
2 Apartment 4000 2505.2 3066.6
3 Apartment 4000 2505.2 3067.6
4 Apartment 4000 2505.2 3029.9
9 Apartment 4000 2505.2 2949
10 Apartment 4000 2505.2 3031.5
5, 15, 20 Apartment 4000 2505.2 2957.2
6-8, 11-14, 16-19 Apartment 4000 2505.2 2940.8

4 BHK Premium Penthouse:

Enjoy luxury living in the 4BHK Premium Penthouse at Ibiza Town, which is strategically located at Surajkund. The natural landscape with beautiful views creates a balance with stylish and sophisticated interiors. The premium penthouse ensures unmatched privacy and is richly designed to deliver you the ultimate luxury. Rooftop penthouses offer a pleasurable living environment with maximum natural light and scenic views. The kitchen is modular with granite counters, double board sink along with a drainboard and a chimney. This residential project is uniquely planned to offer you a highly safe environment with round the clock security. This is where style meets convenience.

4 BHK Premium Penthouse (Tower A)
Floor Numbers Type Super Area of Flat Carpet Area of Flat Carpet Area
incl Balcony
21 Penthouse 6650 4440.9 5192.7
22 Penthouse 0 353.17
Both Floors 6650 4440.9 5545.8